Apps to Improve Battery Life of Android Phone

In regards to us, we constantly seek to find the best battery life smartphone, but we haven’t got the greatest one yet, do not worry about it. You are in the appropriate spot, I will tell you the top 10 apps you can utilize to Increase the battery life of your android smartphone to watch movies. In uncomplicated words, after looking over this post, you’ll get to understand “How to Raise Battery life” of android mobiles. Now if you have any of these apps, you do not have to hunt for the Smartphone with the best battery life.

There are a lot of smartphones which are coming to the markets today and they come loaded with a variety of characteristics. When you are purchasing a brand new smartphone you undoubtedly try to find a wonderful tasteful layout, a good quality camera for the most recent style of shooting selfies. It is shown that the majority of men and women stated that battery life is a fundamental cause for choosing a smartphone, so we are here presenting the few greatest apps to boost battery life to Android mobiles. This post is prepared based on other sources and this is a complete guide on my blog.


Now Android is better in more intelligent multitasking along with job direction. Battery life does not live up to our expectations. Keeping this in mind we are able to lengthen the battery life of through the use of apps that may minimize the battery consumption from the modern day Android smartphones. Raise cellphone battery life of Android.

1.DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is an app apk that’s available at no cost in the Google Play store which can be utilized to enhance battery life. You can certainly update the app to increases the battery life up to 70% using the extra attributes if confront the battery problem.

2. Juice Defender

Juice Defender is an android free application that reduces the drain of battery by controlling information connections. A balanced profile does not need any additional consideration needed from the user and is automatic. Other profiles contain Competitive and Balanced which may be used to improve the battery life at times that are crucial. It’s obtainable in three variants to accommodate your individual needs.

3. COMODO Battery Saver

In addition, it lets you change your device to power saving mode and by allowing you to disable power-hungry programs easily with an only one faucet. In addition, it supplies details on which programs use the most power of the battery to you. This program alarm you when your device is completely charged.